We would love to welcome you as our guest at any of our services.
Although each of our services have a slightly different feel – in formality, musical style and average age of attendees – all our services welcome people of every age and preference, so please feel free to join us at the time you prefer.

Click on a service time to discover what you should expect if you plan to visit us this week:


[schedule on=’2016-03-17′ at=”14:25″ expon=’2016-03-17′ expat=”14:27″] This week we’ll be looking at Hebrews 6 [/schedule][schedule on=’2016-03-17′ at=”14:27″ expon=’2016-03-17′ expat=”14:29″] Easter this week[/schedule][schedule on=’2016-03-17′ at=”14:28″ expon=’2016-03-17′ expat=”14:29″] post3[/schedule][schedule on=’2016-03-17′ at=”14:29″ expon=’2016-03-17′ expat=”14:32″] post4[/schedule][schedule on=’2016-03-17′ at=”14:30″ expon=’2016-03-17′ expat=”14:32″] post5[/schedule][schedule on=’2016-03-17′ at=”14:31″ expon=’2016-03-17′ expat=”14:38″] post6[/schedule]