You will find all our recent sermons as part of our livestreamed services on our Youtube channel. Below, you will find an archive of some of our sermon series prior to March 2020.

  • Luke 5-9: What king is this?

  • What if...?

  • Ephesians - A Jesus Shaped Community

  • Vision Series 2019

    Why do we exist as a church? What are we doing and where are we heading? Over this Vision series, we will consider what it means to be a Jesus shaped community within our city. And we will dream together about the future of our church as we partner together in Jesus' mission to the world.
  • Prayer Week 2019

  • One Another

    A practical guide to living as God's people
  • Jonah - A Mission for the Nations

  • Ecclesiastes - The Search for Meaning

    The search for meaning
  • Easter 2019

    Impossible death - How could God die? Impossible life - How can anyone be resurrected?
  • Anzac Commemoration Service 2019

  • Luke - This Is our God

    What is God really like? And how do we know? The opening chapters of Luke's Gospel in the New Testament help us to answer these questions. Luke shows us that if we want to know what God is like, we will find those answers in the person of Jesus. In this series we explore what God is really like, and why Jesus is so good for us all.
  • What if?

    What if things were different? What if they had turned out the way you had always hoped? What if all your problems could disappear? In this five week series, we imagine the possibilities of a different way of life, and one that is very possible.
  • Christmas 2018

  • A Jesus-Shaped Church

    Jesus. No other human being has been more significant in shaping the history of the world. Through his life, death and resurrection, he established a new people of God - the church. A new community who would walk in his footsteps. As we enter a new season of church life, we want to go back to where it all began: Jesus. How does he shaped the future of our church? And how will we become more like him?