We long to be a church growing in our prayerful dependence on Jesus.

We also know that it can be hard for people to know where to start when praying. What should we pray for? How long should we pray? Does prayer even work?

We want to help!

Simply Start Praying

Simply Start Praying is a resource to help you do just that. There are three parts to Simply Start Praying.

Firstly, a devotional booklet that seeks to briefly answer 30 common questions about prayer. Think of it as a kick starter to your prayer life that you can use for 30 days. Two minutes of your day to read and pray a simple prayer in response.

This can help you build a habit in a very simple and tangible way.

Secondly, a guide to using the Prayer Mate app. There are a number of good apps out there that can assist you praying in all kinds of ways. We’ve set up Prayer Mate with some simple instructions to help you get started and make the most of it. It’s a great took to track topics you’d like to pray for. It also allows you to subscribe to various feeds from other ministry and mission organisations who will update you with short prayer requests.

Thirdly, we’ve set up our own feed with pre-written prayers that you can use to grow the depth and breadth or your prayer life.

So download a copy and take a look. Today is a great day to simply start praying!

Click here to download the app and subscribe to our feed.

Simply Start Praying

A 30 day Q&A devotional, plus a guide to get you started with the Prayer Mate app.

Simply Start Praying

Book Recommendations

As well as the Simply Start Praying resource, we want to highlight a number of books that are worthwhile reading for yourself.

5 Things to Pray by Rachel Jones (and others)

A wonderful collection of short, punchy reflections in the form of offering you 5 things to pray each day. This book is part of a whole series of books covering a great range of topics, including 5 things to pray for: your city; your spouse; your kids; our world; in a global crisis; your church; the people you love; your parents. No matter how well you feel your prayer life is, this whole series will provide freshness in guiding you to a deeper engagement in prayer.
Difficulty to read: ★

A Praying Life by Paul Miller

A very practical and easy to read book. Paul tells many stories that help us understand the joy of prayer, and provides countless examples from personal experience that readers can put into practice for themselves.
Difficulty to read: ★★

Prayer by Timothy Keller

This is an excellent book that unpacks the theology of prayer, and the beauty of this gift that God has given us. With much wisdom and many helpful illustrations, Keller has written a rich and thoughtful, whilst still having a practical edge. It’s not a short read, but well worth the investment.
Difficulty to read: ★★★★