May – June 2021

Ever felt offended at something that was said to you? Sometimes people say things in order draw out a response from us. And, perhaps surprisingly, God does the same.

The book of Hosea is as radically confronting as it is deeply comforting. It will cause us to see ourselves in a way we may find challenging, and yet, at the very same time, it reveals for us the depths of God’s amazing – and scandalous – love for his broken, sinful people.

This five week series explores, through the person and book of Hosea, the wonderful news God has for you and me.


1. Overview of the Book of Hosea

2. Implications for Marriage from the book of Hosea

3. Understanding Old Testament Prophecy

4. Understanding God’s Justice and Judgement

5. Understanding Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible


Hosea 1:1-2:1
Hosea 2:2-3:5
Hosea 4:1-19
Hosea 6:1-6, 8:1-14
Hosea 14:1-9