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Revelation: The King Wins

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How to use this interactive guide

Revelation offers a wonderful hope for those who follow Jesus. It can also be a challenging book to read and understand.

This online resource will guide you through understanding each chapter of revelation. It includes background historical information, meanings of words and symbols, highlighting Old Testament references, and exploring various theological concepts that are raised in the book.

We have divided the book by chapters. You can navigate to any chapter by clicking on the Menu.

Content for each chapter is displayed in three columns. (On mobile devices, these are stacked into a single column).

The first column presents some of the key Old Testament passages that are either quoted or referenced in Revelation. These are marked adjacent to the passages where they are particularly relevant. As you read these, you will notice that Revelation very often draws upon Old Testament imagery. Often it amplifies common Jewish expectations about God’s final judgement on sin. Other times it is used to remind God’s people that their experiences of suffering have been common to God’s people throughout history.

Of course, there are many more Old Testament references and allusions than we have highlighted. The ones indicated are perhaps some of the most significant for understanding how John’s original audience would have understood the imagery in Revelation. We have attempted to keep these references as brief as is useful, though you may find it helpful to look at the broader context for many of them.

The middle column presents the text of Revelation, using the New International Version 2011. The NIV headings have been kept with the text for clarity, though they do not appear in John’s original writing.

Included through the text are various coloured dots to indicate some further information about the words, phrases, or imagery being used. If you click on these dots, an information box of the same colour will be opened in the third column (or below the Bible text on a mobile device). (Note: The various colours are purely aesthetic.)

Some words or phrases in the text are underlined to indicate that a brief definition of the term is available. You can view these either by hovering or clicking on the word.

Occasionally, a large blue box will highlight a noteworthy topic that you can explore in further detail. Simply click on these to reveal the additional information.

Study questions

As you read through Revelation, whether on your own or as part of a Community Group, you may like to use these questions as a guide for thought and discussion. This set of questions will help to highlight some of the key themes throughout Revelation, and keep you looking at the overarching picture of the book. While it is easy to get lost among the details of Revelation, we want to keep coming back to these same key themes of the victory that Jesus has won for us, the hope we have in the midst of suffering and persecution, and the joy that can be stirred within us as a result of these realities.

  1. What feelings does this passage provoke?
  2. Where have we seen/heard this kind of language/imagery before?
  3. What does this passage tell us about suffering?
  4. What does this passage tell us about Jesus?
  5. How might this passage be helpful for you in the week ahead?

Revelation reflection questions