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Rest. Jesus Shaped Rhythms

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Rest: Jesus Shaped Rhythms

January 2023

Few people in our culture are skilled at rest.

It might sound strange to consider it a skill. But the irony is that it takes intentional effort to rest, and to rest well.

Over four weeks, our sermons are exploring the topic of rest: how God teaches us the value, purpose and rhythms of rest. This online resource (also available as a downloadable booklet) is intended to sit alongside the teaching, allowing you to pause and reflect further in your own time.

We learn much about how God has designed us for life in the Bible. Today, we are blessed with the understanding that science gives us into the details of how our bodies have been designed, and what they need in order to flourish.

The following pages are collections of ideas, reflections and advice that seek to bring together a theological understanding of humanity, and evidence based practices that assist us living well in our bodies. I hope that they will allow you to consider your own rhythms of life. And perhaps encourage you to make a few changes. Even small changes in this area can reap significant benefits.

As the new year begins, take four weeks to try something different. You may well discover that some of the hidden secrets about deep and meaningful rest are so simple that you’ve known them all along. May you experience the beauty, peace and rest that comes from life in a Jesus shaped rhythm.

How to use this guide

This guide contains four weeks of material, divided into several parts:

Review highlights the relevant Bible passages and main idea from Sunday’s message.

Reflect provides a brief reflection on a Biblical idea or verse. Take time to ponder the verse for yourself throughout the day.

Relax is an encouragement to do something just for the enjoyment of it. So much of our life is measured on its productiveness. But unproductiveness—or play—is not just for kids. It’s a healthy adult practice. There are some suggestions for you here that I’d encourage you to do even once. But you may also come up with other ideas and opportunities. It may help to do something you wouldn’t usually do as a way of helping shake your body out of normal habit. And doing something with your hands is typically healthier for allowing your mind to rest.

Reset offers a brief overview of some of the more significant challenges our culture faces when engaging in meaningful rest. These are no small things to change, but don’t be daunted by them. You might consider how your current practice could be altered to a healthier alternative. Even a small change to habit can be a significant step in the right direction.

Lastly, you will find some recommended resources that might help you further explore the topic of rest.


If you would prefer to download a copy of this guide in pdf form, you can do so below.

Series guide

Includes reflections and resources to help you engage in Jesus shaped rhythms of life. Everything in the online guide is included.