Blacktown Anglican Church is a group of Christians who love Jesus, and want to see him make an impact in our lives and the lives of those around us.

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  • We believe God created us to enjoy his friendship and honour him.
  • We believe we’ve all rebelled against God to live our lives our own way without him.
  • We believe Jesus died on the cross to put things right between God and us.
  • We believe he rose bodily from the dead, to confirm he’s the Son of God, and to assure those who trust in Jesus of new life. This new life begins now and will be enjoyed fully with God beyond death.
  • We believe that God rules over every area of our lives by his Holy Spirit through his written word, the Bible.  We believe that obeying the Bible is the best way for us (and others) to live in true freedom, gratitude, joy, peace and love.
  • We believe Jesus will return to establish a new heavens and earth where righteousness is at home.