8am Sundays at 8am
We are thankful for our Anglican heritage and its traditions. At this service, the minister wears robes, we enjoy traditional hymns and regularly celebrate Holy Communion. We share together in morning tea after the service.
10am Sundays at 10am
We love the joy that kids bring to families. Our 10am service is family-friendly, and has a contemporary feel with modern music. Kids participate with their families for the first 20 minutes, followed by our kids programs for children up to year 6. A crèche is also provided. We join together for morning tea after the service.
6pm Sundays at 6pm
We love that church is a social experience. At this service, we enjoy the relational connections amongst youth & youth adults with other members of our church community. We are a growing gathering with modern music and a relaxed feel. After the service, we share in supper together and sometimes kick on for dinner.
sudanese Sundays at 1pm
This service is conducted in Arabic & English for members of the Sudanese and South Sudanese community. Church with an African flavour!
midweek-service-round Monthly on Wednesdays at 10am
This is a relaxed but traditional-style service, usually on the fourth Wednesday of the month. We sing hymns and celebrate Holy Communion once a quarter. We share together in morning tea after the service. We welcome people from all denominations and backgrounds to join us.